Re-building Our Communities

Re-building Our Communities

An SRA (Section 21 Company) provides top-up services (security, cleansing and urban mngt) to those provided currently by SAPS and the City of Cape Town
A statutory body established under the SRA by-law (Provincial Gazette 6651/2009) previously known as a City Improvement District (CID)

Stikland Industrial CID

Stikland Industrial CID

As is the case with many other industrial areas in and around Cape Town, the Stikland Industrial area also experience issues of crime and grime, homelessness and associated negative impacts.  In many areas these issues are escalating at an alarming rate.  A group of property owners and members of the community has taken the initiative […]

About Geocentric

Geocentric Information Systems has been working with city improvement district initiatives since 2000. Gene Lohrentz of Geocentric assisted with the establishment of the very first CID in the Cape Town Central City and have been involved with similar initiatives all over Cape Town since then.

Geocentric provides a wide range of services to city improvement districts including but not limited to assistance with the establishment of CIDs, the setup of management systems, the develoment of measurable objectives and support on information technology.

To know more about the work of Geocentric Information Systems please refer to the Geocentric website at

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Cape Town CIDs

Wecome to our Cape Metro SRA page.  Here we provide links and information to all the existing City Improvement Districts in the Cape Metro.

If your CID has a website and you would like a live link from here please feel free to contact us at to facilitate a link.

 Current CIDs in Cape Town











Triangle Farm City Improvement District

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A City Improvement District (CID) also known as a Special Ratings Area (SRA) is a non-profit organisation operating within a defined geographic area within which property owners agree to pay a levy for supplementary and complimentary services set to enhance the physical and social environment of the area.

A CID, according to the SRA by-law  collects a CID levy from the ratepayers in the area over and above the normal rates charges. The money collected, unlike the rates, is a dedicated levy which can only be spent in the specific CID area and is used to provide  “top up” services according to an approved Business Plan.  These services provided by the CID are supplementary to those provided by the City of Cape Town, which continues to provide normal services.

The advantages of establishing a CID
·         The cost of providing supplementary services will be borne by all property owners
·         Costs are borne in proportion to the value of the property
·         The Improvement District approach is holistic
·         Provides enhancement of the environment and strengthens investor confidence
·         The Improvement District creates a positive identity for the area
·         The Improvement District provides private sector management and accountability
·         The improvement of property values
·         To put forward ideas for change to council
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